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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Separation from Employment without Service Retiring

If not vested

Separating employees who are not yet vested with CalPERS but are CalPERS members have the option of leaving their contributions on account with CalPERS (and earn interest at the applicable rate), or withdrawing their employee contributions plus interest earned through the preceding June 30. 

Employees also may rollover all or any portion of the taxable amount to an IRA or qualified defined contribution plan that accepts rollovers. To withdraw or rollover CalPERS employee contributions, the employee must complete and submit a Separation/Disposition of CalPERS Contributions (STD. 687) form which can be found on CalPERS Online or at a CalPERS field office.

Note: Employees may only withdraw employee contributions. Employer contributions are not available to the separating employee.

Vested but not ready to retire

Vested employees who separate but are not ready to begin receiving retirement benefits from CalPERS, may choose to retire at a later date. Employee contributions may be left on account with CalPERS until actual retirement.  Employees must remember that retiree health care benefits will be lost if the employee does not retire within 120 days of separating from the CSU.

For more information, employees may contact Benefits Services or visit CalPERS Online.