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Direct Deposit Program

If you are interested in enrolling in the State’s Direct Deposit program, you should carefully review this information in the brochure. The information will provide you with answers to questions most frequently asked by employees considering Direct Deposit. Other questions can be directed to Payroll Services at extension 4164.

What is Direct Deposit ?

Direct Deposit is a program that allows for the automatic deposit of your net earnings into the financial institution of your choice.

What are some of the reasons for enrolling in Direct Deposit?

  • Avoidance of long lines at your financial institution on pay day.
  • Convenient and consistent deposit of earnings in spite of business absences, vacations or illnesses.
  • Security in the knowledge that pay warrants cannot be lost, stolen or forged.
  • Less risk of error due to a pay warrant being lost or misdirected by your financial institution.

Who is eligible for direct deposit?

  • Graduate Assistants
  • Instructional Faculty
  • Instructional Student Assistants
  • Non-Instructional Employees (Staff)
  • Teaching Associates

Note: If you are in multiple positions, only one of which is eligible, you may sign up for Direct Deposit, and all pay warrants will be transmitted through this program.

Ineligible Employees

  1. Emergency Hires
  2. Student Assistants
  3. Special Consultants
  4. Work Study Assistants

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Individuals wishing to enroll in the program must complete a Standard Form (STD) 699, Direct Deposit Enrollment Authorization Form available at Payroll Services – Brotman Hall-353 or online at Standard Form 699.

After the SCO receives my form, how long does it take to go into effect?

You can expect Direct Deposit of your pay warrant(s) to begin within 30 to 45 days after your form is received by the SCO. This time is necessary to verify that an active account exists with your financial institution. Financial institutions are given 20 days to respond. Once this verification has been completed, your next pay warrant will be issued through Direct Deposit.

More Direct Deposit Information