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Payroll - Frequently Asked Questions

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When is payday?
State employees are paid once a month. The release dates for payroll warrants may be found on the Payroll Calendar.
Where do I pickup my paycheck?
Faculty/Lecturers, Staff, TA's, GA's, Student Employees: Available in your department.
ISA's, Intermittents: Available at the Cashier's Office.
I've lost/destroyed my paycheck. What do I do?
Go to Payroll Services to fill-out a "Request for Duplicate Controller's Warrant/Stop Payment." This process can take 2-4 weeks. If you have a partially destroyed warrant, bring all of the pieces with you as this may expedite the issuance of a replacement warrant.
Do I qualify for direct deposit?
Qualifications depends on the type of position you hold. Direct Deposit
If I file "exempt" from tax withholding, does that status last until I make another change?
No, you must re-file your tax "exempt" status every January or it will automatically revert to Single status with 0 allowances.
If I move during the year, where do I need to change my address?
All employees need to change their address with Payroll Services. If you update only your department and Benefits Services, this will not affect the payroll system. You may make changes to your home and/or mailing address online at MyCSULB.


The University uses the mailing address for official transmittal of your W-2 and other payroll documents.All changes must be completed by December 10th of each year to ensure W-2 mailing accuracy.

Where do I go to make changes to my TSA, 403b contributions?
All changes must be submitted to Retirement Manager.
Who do I contact if I don't want to be participate in the CSUEU(2,5,7,9) Union anymore?
Please contact:
Jade San Juan
Membership Services Manager
1108 "O" Street, 3rd Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone:Work (916) 326-4380