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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Accessing Reports for Timekeeping System — Hourly

Navigate to Payroll Reports: Menu > LB HR Custom Functionality > Payroll > Payroll Reports > Time Entry Audit – Hourly

If this is the first time running a report, begin with step #2. If this is not the first time, omit Step #2

  1. In the Find an Existing Value tab, Click Search and select the existing “Run Control ID” for your report.
  2. If no existing value exists, click Add a New Value tab and create a new Run Control ID. To create a Run Control ID, enter a name for the Run Control ID, for example, My_Report. The report name is limited to 30 characters, and spaces may not be used. If a space is desired, enter an underscore _. Click Add. [Remember: This is a one time set up]
  3. On the following page, enter the parameters for the report you wish to run. Parameters needed include: Date range of report, Type of Report and Group ID of report. [Group ID = U + three digit Unit number]. For more than one Group ID, click ‘+’ to add. Click Run.
  4. On the next panel, Process Scheduler Request, verify that the following are established:
    • Server Name: PSUNX
    • Type: Web
    • Format: PDF
  5. Click OK. This will take you back to the parameters page.
  6. Click the Report Manager link at the top of the page.
  7. Click the Administration Tab. Your report will appear at the top of the list.
  8. Click Refresh, if the report is finished processing and ready for view, “Posted” will appear in the Status Column and a Details link will appear. Click on the Details link.
  9. Your report will appear in the file list. Click on your report name and it will be displayed. From this point the report can be printed or saved.