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Employee Absence

The Absence Balance page contains balance information on three tabs: Leave Balances, Compensatory Time Off, and State Service. Summary information is displayed on the initial pages.

Click the information link (information) to view detailed activities for each absence type. The information link is available throughout these pages.

Personal Holiday Available:

  • 1 = available to use
  • 0 = unavailable, already used
Screenshot displaying examples of what happnes when you select each fo the three tabs.

Current month activities can be view in the section labeled "Absence Activity Since Last Processed Date" within the "information" link. The information link is available for most absence types.

Below is a screen print of the Sick Hours Balance Details page.



The “Earned” field in the “Absence Activities Since Last Processed Date” section will not reflect current month’s entitlement because employees are not entitled to use the current month’s accrual until the following month.