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Student Assistant/Work-Study Salary Schedule

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Effective January 2019

Placement Instructions:

Each department is responsible for the recruitment and placement of Student Assistant/Work Study positions. All Student Assistants/Work Study Student Assistants are to be hired/placed in one of the three classification levels outlined below. Please review each level carefully, as the minimum qualifications must be met for each student. Prior approval of the Administrative Services Manager is required for all requests to place students in Classification Level C.

Salary Recommendations:

Initial appointments may not exceed the midpoint of the range unless there are exceptional circumstances. Student employees may be given merit salary increases of up to 5% after working an academic year, or 500 hours, whichever comes first. Cumulative service may be considered if the student is working within the same department and performing the same work. Student employees whose job responsibilities/duties are changing or increasing may be reclassified to a new salary rate. The new hourly rate may fall within the existing pay level or within a new level.

For further guidance on student placement, please refer to the Salary Schedule Placement Instructions.

Classification Level A: Entry Level/Assistant

Requires basic skills, knowledge or abilities. Under immediate and or general supervision; performs routine and non-routine tasks. Tasks that can be learned relatively easily with only nominal judgment, analytical, or decision-making skills should be placed lower on the Salary Rate Range of pay. Tasks that require additional on-the-job training, specialized skills and/or discretion in judgment or decision making may be placed higher on the Salary Rate Range of pay.

Minimum Qualifications: No experience is necessary for pay below the midpoint of the Salary Rate Range. An associateís degree or equivalent, or one year of progressively responsible work experience is required for pay at the midpoint or above of the Salary Rate Range. Upper-class standing may be substituted for an associateís degree.

Salary Range

Min - $12.00 Mid - $13.25 Max - $14.50

Job Category Examples

  • General Office Worker
  • Receptionist
  • Clerk
  • Information Aid
  • Laboratory Trainee
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Computer Lab Assistant
  • Accounting Assistant
  • Laboratory Assistant
  • Information Technology Trainee

Classification Level B: Specialist

Requires advanced skills, knowledge from prior experience or moderate training. Under general supervision, performs a variety of skilled tasks requiring previous experience and/or specialized education, or performs work requiring considerable discretion in judgment and decision-making, including responsibility for coordinating the work of a group of lower level student employees.

Minimum Qualifications: An associate’s degree (or equivalent) and one year of progressively responsible work experience is required for this classification.

Salary Range

Min - $13.50 Mid - $15.00 Max - $16.50

Job Category Examples

  • Student Lead
  • Computer Lab Tech
  • Information Technology Assistant
  • Laboratory Tech
  • Language Specialist
  • Research Assistant
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Counselor

Classification Level C: Experienced (Requires ASM Approval)

Requires highly specialized skills; extensive knowledge of relevant university policies, procedures and preferred practices; independent analysis of information, decision-making and implementation of appropriate practices; Under general or job related supervision, completes highly complex assignments requiring specialized knowledge and previous experience. May be responsible for a project/assignment from the initial stages through implementation. Work is typically within the studentís course of study at the senior or graduate level and the student may direct the work of others.

Minimum Qualifications: An associate’s degree (or equivalent) and two years of progressively responsible work experience is required.

Salary Range

Min - $15.25 Mid - $17.00 Max - $18.63

Job Category Examples

  • Student Supervisor
  • Program Coordinator Assistant
  • Sr. Research Assistant
  • Accounting Specialist

Rev. 01/2019