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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Desk Audits

If an occupied position has had significant changes, a desk audit may be conducted.  The classifier will schedule and conduct an interview with the incumbent to help determine current duties and responsibilities.  The classifier will obtain as much additional information as possible by asking the following questions during:

  • How has your position changed?
  • How is work assigned to this position?  To what extent do you have authority to determine what is to be done and when? 
  • To what extent do the duties of this position involve independent action or require decisions on your part?  Which decisions are the most difficult, and how frequently do they occur?
  • In what way is your work reviewed?
  • What would be the probable result of using poor judgment, making the wrong decision, or taking the incorrect action on your part?
  • Do you have supervisory responsibility for non-student employees?
  • Do you regularly and continually provide instruction/direction to student workers?
  • In what way do state/federal regulations and/or CSU, campus, or departmental policies, procedures impact your position?
  • Do your duties directly or indirectly include the development of departmental or campus policy/procedures?  If so, give examples.
  • Do your responsibilities include the development of reports/studies/investigations?  If yes, give examples.
  • What kinds of problems do you solve?  Give examples of the most difficult ones and explain what you did to resolve the problem.

Once the desk audit has been completed, the classifier will meet with the incumbent’s supervisor.  The classifier will compare the information obtained from the incumbent and the supervisor in the desk audit with the current position description, CSU Classification and Qualification Standards, and similar positions in order to determine the appropriate classification.