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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Personnel Transaction Forms

The Personnel Transaction Form (PTF) is used to process a variety of personnel and payroll transactions, including:

  • hiring probationary and temporary employees
  • hiring casual workers
  • hiring special consultants
  • hiring emergency appointments
  • intermittent appointments through job pools
  • rehired annuitants
  • extending temporary appointments
  • reassignments
  • granting temporary employees permanent status per MOU
  • time base changes
  • leaves of absence
  • license renewals
  • organizational changes
  • separations

The PTF must be approved/signed by the Appropriate Administrator(s) before being forwarded to Staff Human Resources for final approval/signature. Staff Human Resources approves all PTFs associated with staff appointments. (PTFs for academic/faculty appointments are processed by Faculty Affairs.) Staff Human Resources ensures that all transactions adhere to Collective Bargaining Agreements and state law. Once approved, PTFs are forwarded to Human Resources Support Services (HRSS) and Payroll Services for final processing.