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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

Campus Billing Programs and Foundation Funds

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Foundation Fund Foundation Fund Type Fdn Business Unit Campus Program Chartfield (for Billing) Campus Billing Customer Name
AFXXX Annual LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
BXXXX** Board Endowment** LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
EBXXX Endowment Buildup LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
EXXXX** Pure Endowment** LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
GF049 Operating LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
KXXXX Scholarship LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
MNXXX Capital Construction LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
NXXXX Department Program LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
QXXXX** Quasi Endowment** LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
TXXXX** Term Endowment** LB49R R0102 Foundation 49er
ALMXX Alumni Association LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
ATXXX Athletics LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
GF100 Foundation Administration LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
KJ001 KKJZ LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
MXXXX Foundation Programs LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
SFXXX State Monitored Foundation Programs LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
TSXXX CRTS LBFDN R0103 Foundation Administration
CXXXX Centers LBFDN R1200 Grants Administration
G1XXX* Grants* LBFDN R1200 Grants Administration
GF101 Grants & Contracts Administration LBFDN R1200 Grants Administration
PXXXX Program Income LBFDN R1200 Grants Administration
RSXXX Research Stimulation Fund LBFDN R1200 Grants Administration
N/A N/A N/A R0104 Forty-Niner Shops
N/A N/A N/A R0105 Associated Students
N/A N/A N/A R0106 University Student Union

*  All "G" funds require a project code in which the first 5 characters are the same as the fund (ie.  Fund G1234 needs to be associated with proejct code G1234XXXXX)

** All LB49R funds that begin with EXXXX, BXXXX, QXXXX, and TXXXX require a LB49R program code (shown below)

LB49R Programs

Description Program Uses
Endowment - Chair C0001 Chairmanship program
Endowment - Program P0001

Program use/Travels/Supplies/Etc.
Endowment - Scholarship S0001

Scholarship program
Endowment - Unrestricted U0001 Unrestricted Program

Revised 04/02/2014