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Accounts Payable Invoice Approval Process

When Accounts Payable receives an invoice from a supplier/vendor, an AP Tech will enter a voucher into CFS PeopleSoft. If, at the time of data entry, the invoice references a Purchase Order number, the voucher is associated or linked to the related PO in CFS. If a department receives an invoice directly from the supplier, the invoice is given to Accounts Payable for processing.

Invoices for goods that have been flagged as received by the Receiving Department are paid without any additional action by the requesting department. Invoices for services require approval by the appropriate administrator for the requesting department to verify that the services were satisfactorily rendered.

When Accounts Payable requires approval for an invoice, they will use the CFS Notify process to communicate with the appropriate administrator. The email will look similar to the following example (exact content may vary dependent on whether or not the purchase order number has been provided).

Notification Email

To: [Appropriate Administrator]

Subject: Voucher Notification for [Supplier] - Please see Item (1) below VO#[voucher#]

Body: Voucher Notification for LBCMP #[voucher#]. Detail messages are listed below.

  1. - This is a request to approve the Voucher
  2. - This is a general inquiry
  3. - The Voucher has been approved
  4. - The Voucher is denied
  5. - There are questions about this Voucher
  6. - The Voucher needs further actions

If you are not already signed in to CFS PeopleSoft, please login using this link

Click the below link to view the Voucher page

You must be signed into SSO to view invoices.

(Image of invoice)[Voucher#].pdf

Please review and approve the above invoice.

*** Please route your response to FISINVOICEAPPROVAL@CSULB.EDU ***

Actions to Approve Invoice

PO#: If the invoice has a PO number, forward the email to and state “approved” in the body. There is no need to include chartfields as they are already specified on the Purchase Order. Any special payment instructions should also be provided if needed.

PO# Unknown or Direct Payment Request: If the PO number is unknown, forward the PO number, or, for direct payment, the complete chartfield string and department reference number. Email all invoice approvals to For direct payment requests, be certain to include any other required documentation and forms (Hospitality, Gift Expense, etc).