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Filing of a protest

A bidder that participates in a formal solicitation may submit a protest to the award of a contract to another bidder. A bidder must express its intention to protest the award of a contract in writing to the designated buyer within five (5) business days from the date the notification of intent to award is issued. The failure to express an intention to protest in writing by this deadline shall waive all rights of protest.

A detailed statement explaining the factual basis of the protest of an award must be received within ten (10) calendar days after the protesting bidder expresses its intent to protest an award. If a detailed statement explaining the factual basis for the protest is not received by this deadline, the protest shall be denied and all rights of protest shall be waived. Only the bidders that submitted a proposal may protest an award.

Protests shall be delivered to:

Director of Procurement & Contractual Services
Purchasing Office - BH 346
CSU, Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, CA 90840-0123

An impartial evaluator(s) selected by the campus shall review the factual basis for the protest. The evaluator(s) may review the merits and timeliness of the protest. Upon completion of the review of the protest, the campus will notify the protesting bidder of its decision in writing. The decision of the campus is final.