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California State University, Long BeachCalifornia State University, Long Beach

University Insurance Program

Real Property Insurance

The University maintains property insurance coverage on all buildings and structures in the event a catastrophe causes property loss of over $100,000 per occurrence. There is no insurance coverage maintained to cover any loss of university property valued at under $100,000.

Business (Personal) Property Insurance

Property insurance may be obtained for fine arts, musical instruments and specific pieces of equipment, including cameras, computers, and other electronic equipment. This type of property insurance is known as Inland Marine coverage and applies to the "personal" property, owned, leased, or exhibited by CSULB. Departments, colleges, or administrative units can purchase the coverage through Risk Management. The coverage is for equipment and fine arts which may be at high risk for loss or would be difficult to fund replacement. The purchased insurance does not apply to the personal property of an employee, student, or visitor of CSULB.

Colleges, departments or administrative units wishing to purchase property insurance for University owned business property or fine art exhibits may send a request for insurance quote to Risk Management. For business property please complete the Business Property Insurance Request Form. For fine arts exhibits, the Fine Arts Coverage Request Form should be completed. The forms must include an equipment or fine arts description, dollar value, serial or other identification number, and dates of coverage. Risk Management will obtain an insurance quote for the requesting area and bind insurance if requested. The cost of insurance shall be the responsibility of the requesting college, department or administrative unit. Risk Management will invoice the insuring college, department or administrative unit on a quarterly basis for the term of the insurance coverage.

Loss or Damage to Personal Property

There are many instances when employees bring personal property to campus for personal use. This property may include but is not limited to laptops, tablets, art, office furnishings, books, plants and photographs. Personal property brought to campus is the sole responsibility of the owner. The repair, replacement, or reimbursement of personal property is not considered to be the responsibility of the University. However, an employee has the right to file a claim against the State of California for loss or damage to personal property through the Government Claims Program.