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Risk Assessment

Procedures for Completing Automobile Accident Forms and Claim Process

University employees involved in an accident while driving a University owned vehicle, privately owned vehicle or rental vehicle on official University business, shall make no comment or statement regardŽing the accident to anyone except police, other State officers or employees. The following procedures shall be followed after the accident:


University employees involved in an automobile accident while driving on University business shall:

  • Call University Police at 911 if an emergency on campus or (562)985-4101 for a non-emergency. If off campus, call 911 to report the accident when there is significant property damage or someone is injured;
  • Complete the Accident Identification Card, (Std. Form 269) to record all pertinent information before leaving the scene of the accident. If another vehicle is involved, the appropriate portion of the Std. Form 269 will be detached and given to the driver of the other vehicle. Blank Accident Identification Cards should be found in the glove compartment of each University owned vehicle.  Additional instructions are shown on the Std. Form 269;
  • Report the accident immediately to their manager. If the accident resulted in bodily injury to any person other than a university employee or significant property damage to the property of others, report the accident to Risk Management at (562) 985-2396. If the accident resulted in bodily injury to a university employee, report the accident to the Workers’ Compensation Manager at (562) 985-2366;
  • In addition to the phone notifications required above, a Report of Vehicle Accident, (Std. Form 270) must be completed and forwarded to Risk Management within 24 hours;
  • Refer claimant (other party involved in the accident) or their representative (insurance carrier, rental car agency, and attorney) who may contact you directly to the campus Risk Manager.

Managers and Supervisors

University manager or supervisor of the employee involved in an accident while driving on University business shall:

  • Ensure that the employee completes the Std. Form 270 or will do it for him/her if the employee is unable to do so;
  • Investigate each accident promptly and thoroughly;
  • Complete (Std. Form 274) which includes a signature and date from the driver’s immediate manager or supervisor and a signature and date from a reviewing officer. Reviewing officer must be at a level higher than the employee involved in the accident and should be an individual other than the manager or supervisor signing the form. By signing this form, the manager or supervisor is confirming the driver was in fact on official university business at the time of the accident;
  • Initiate any appropriate corrective action, verbal or written, and record corrective action taken in departmental personnel records, if appropriate;
  • Forward all completed vehicle accident forms to the campus Risk Management Office at within 24 hours; along with photos of the damaged vehicle(s) and the police report, if applicable.

Note: The purpose of Std. Form 274 is to aid in preventing University employee driver accidents. It will be used to determine if the accident was avoidable and what actions the driver should have taken to avoid the accident. It will also be used to determine specific needs for accident prevention training and in the establishment of administrative policy.

Use of Police Accident Reports

Any designated manager who is investigating a University vehicle accident is an “interested party” and is entitled to read, and make notes from police reports. Such reports will usually be on file within 48 hours at the office of the police agency that has jurisdiction over the place of the accident. For accidents occurring outside incorporated areas, contact the California Highway Patrol; for those within cities, contact the local police department.  Copies of University vehicle reports made by the California Highway Patrol may also be obtained by written request to the California Highway Patrol, nearest to the accident scene. There is no charge for this service. If the investigating supervisor thinks it is advisable, he/she may contact the investigating officer through the California Highway Patrol Area Commander, or through the office in charge of the local police department traffic unit.

Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance

A Vehicle Liability Self Insurance Claims Unit has been established within the Office of Risk and Insurance Management (ORIM) to respond to claims of bodily injury and/or property damage of others, which occur during University use, operation or maintenance of self-propelled land vehicles. Evaluation and payment of claims will be made by ORIM following statutory provisions of Sections 17000 and 17001 of the California Vehicle Code and other laws applicable to claims against the State of California. This program protects any officer or employee of the University against all motor vehicle liability claims made by third parties while operating a vehicle in the course and scope of employment.

If a third party makes a claim for liability through the CSU Claim process, and it is determined that the claim is a vehicle liability claim (involving licensed or motorized equipment), then the Systemwide Office of Risk Management will submit the claim to ORIM and notify the campus.

The Vehicle Liability Self Insurance program is designed to provide reimbursement to third parties only (when an accident is the fault of the CSU driver). It is not designed to reimburse University employees.  Note that ORIM limits auto liability coverage to $1,000,000 for accidents involving approved student and/or volunteer drivers.

Small Claims Court Summons and Complaint

In the event you have been served with a Small Claims Court summons and complaint as a result of a vehicle accident, as the driver:

You will have to appear as ordered. The University General Counsel, campus Risk Management and/or ORIM cannot appear either with you or on your behalf in Small Claims Court. We recommend your immediate supervisor or manager attends the court hearing with you;

Contact the campus Risk Manager immediately:

Felissa Waynick
Risk Manager
Procurement & Contractual Services
(562) 985-2396

When you receive the verdict or judgment (usually by mail), call the campus Risk Manager promptly to advise of the results.

Municipal or Superior Court Summons and Complaint

In the event you have been served with a Municipal or Superior Court summons and complaint, as the driver:

Contact the campus Risk Manager immediately. An answer must be filed within 30 days of service to avoid a default judgment, so do not delay in reporting.

All communications regarding claims, including summons and complaints, must be forwarded immediately to the campus Risk Manager. The information provided should include the date and place of service, together with any other pertinent information.

If you have any questions with regards to the vehicle accident reporting procedures or claims process, contact the campus Risk Manager at (562) 985-2396 or